The Stetson Experience.

Jon Stetson is the one entertainer in America who truly understands the meaning and importance of capturing the mindshare and heartshare of your audience.

Both your customer and your bottom line will thank you for it.

“Jon Stetson is amazing in more ways than one. He’s always been right on the mark—for a variety of clients. His work is fascinating, his humor has just the right touch, and his professionalism is world-class. If the stock market were as dependable as Jon Stetson, we’d all be millionaires. At least in the corporate events world we have the reliable Jon Stetson. He’ll do a great job for you, and that you can take to the bank!”

Executive Director, Strategy/Worldwide
The George P. Johnson Company

Corporate America’s most unique entertainment experience is almost impossible to describe…

“We can’t decide what it is you do best. Some say you’re a great mind reader. Some say you’re a great comedian and others say you’re an incredible entertainer. What I do know for certain is that you amazed and entertained us completely and we are a tough crowd to please.”

Managing Partner
New York Life

The Stetson Experience value points:

Reinforce to your audience that you value the importance of human interaction and personal attention Open both the mindshare and heartshare of your attendees to immerse themselves in all aspects of their conference experience Set the stage for you to create unique and vivid brand experiences Provide dynamic interactions at the customer interface Drive home to your customers how you value creativity, communication, and innovation

The Stetson Experience Event Equity Formula simply put: maximizing the customer event experiences the greatest return on both investment and objectives. Here's how our satisfied customers feel about The Stetson Experience.